Are you triggered?

Do you get triggered? 

Do you feel out of control or explosive in response to someone else’s actions? 

Today, I wanted to share with you what I’ve been learning with the incredible Gabor Mate.

I’ve created an amazing space inside the Sistahood where women can be truly vulnerable and share their stories but my therapy friends kept warning me over and over that the women might get triggered by this experience. 

I don’t believe in triggers. 

I don’t think we CAN trigger people. 

That’s passing your power and responsibility onto someone else and it’s the nature of living in victimhood. 

I don’t ever want to live there!

I’m saying this to you with firsthand experience of trauma. I used to be explosive and intensely angry. BUT I did the hard work and put in so much effort to heal. 

You need to work out WHY you’re an explosive weapon that can be triggered. It is your responsibility. 

Commit to this self exploration and you WILL find your power. 

You’ve got this!

Topics discussed and where to find them:

[0:42]: I wanted to share what I’ve been learning with Gabor Mate. 

[1:18]: We’ve had over 450 women come through the Sistahood from over 30 countries. So many people from different backgrounds, traumas, religions, races, and identifying in different ways coming together and wanting to make peace with their past. 

[2:43]: We do 3 calls and 3 touch points every month: a masterclass, a hot seat coaching call, and a Sistahood Circle that includes space holding with a woman sharing how she feels and what she’s going through. 

[4:05]: We have created this container for deep vulnerability. 

[4:40]: I did therapy for 19 years to heal my past.. My therapy friends always warn me that there may be triggers for people in this Sistahood Circle space.

[5:28]: I don’t believe we trigger people. That’s like saying ‘you made me angry’. I have a previous podcast on this topic. 

[6:47]: Victimhood – ‘I can’t have what I want because of you’. 

[7:17]: I share with you an analogy from Gabor Mate used about guns and triggers. 

[8:53]: There will be no triggering if we’re not talking about an explosive weapon (that is you). 

[9:27]: If you can figure out why you’re an explosive weapon, you will find your power. 

[9:45]: Join the Sistahood and work with me! 

[10:52]: Dr Wayne Dyer helped me with my intense anger. 

[12:19]: If you don’t like what is coming out when you get squeezed, that is your responsibility. 

[12:59]: I investigate every feeling in my body that boils up so I can work through my shit. 

[14:38]: We don’t get to walk people home if we haven’t walked that way. 

[14:49]: I paid a lot of money to heal and work through my shit, but I’m grateful for every cent x 20 million. 

[15:34]: Pay attention to triggers. What’s going on inside of you that is exploding?

[16:38]: I was triggered during the pandemic with authority because my mother was hurt badly by the police. 

[17:55]: Think about, ‘why is my gun loaded anyway?’.


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