Audiobook Series: Chapter 10 – Continue

The fifth step of the Five C’s is the snowball stage of the practice. It’s CONTINUE.

The idea with this practice is that you don’t stop moving through it. 

It means that CONTINUE is about having a commitment to move, grow, and evolve in a consistent way. 

So the key here is for you not to stop. 

It’s because the more you stop moving, the more time will be wasted, and the more that nothing happens for you. 

As a result, you will never get any closer to your dreams and goals in life. 

Again, creating confidence is not a destination that you reach, but it is a practice that you need to incorporate into your everyday life. 

With that, here’s the sneak peek of this particular chapter of the audiobook.

Topics discussed and where to find them: 

01:30 The Snowball Stage of the Practice

01:44 Living and Breathing the Five C’s

02:43 The Practice Itself Gets You Creating Confidence

03:07 Continuing Becomes a Way of Life

03:48 It’s a Practice with No End Point

05:10 The Five C’s – is Called Life, is Called Growth

05:32 When You Stop At Step Five in the Practice

05:58 If You Move, You Get Closer – If You Stop, You Don’t

07:05 Do Not Stop Moving

07:39 The Moment I Chose to Continue 
08:43 Didn’t Have the Luxury of Doubting Yourselves

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