Audiobook Series: Chapter 11 – Your Call To Confidence

With all of the Five C’s that we’ve discussed in the previous chapters of this audiobook sneak peek,  I can bet that you’re ready to reframe your mind around how you want to think, who you want to become, and what you want to create for yourself. 

Now, it’s really over to you. It means that what comes next is completely up to you. It may sound scary but I know you got this. 

Keep in mind that everything we’ve discussed in the previous chapters represents some of the crucial work you do on yourself. 

All of these pieces of information about the Five C’s are so cool and totally motivating. But these will remain a bunch of words in a pink book and will make no difference at all if you’re not going to apply any of them. 

So in reality, it’s not about the information you’ve received, but it’s about the application of it to your life. 

The Audiobook Sneak peek series is officially over! 

I hope you’ve loved tuning in and if you want to learn more about CREATING your self confidence, go grab the book!

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Topics discussed and where to find them: 

01:32 What Comes Next For You is Completely Up to You

02:20 The Most Important Work You’ll Ever Do On Yourself

03:16 Information can be Useless if You Do Nothing with It

03:38 It’s Not About the Information You Got – It’s About the Application

04:31 The Moment that Changed Me Forever

06:30 Reaching My Breaking Point

07:48 An Exercise on the Retreat 

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