Audiobook Series: Chapter 5 – Confidence As A Practice

I can imagine that you know that the road to being confident is not easy. 

It’s not about being beautiful with shiny red lips and stilettos while walking across the room and all eyes are on you. It’s not about getting all of the attention from the people around you. 

It’s way more than that. In fact, being confident doesn’t necessarily require you to be good-looking, bold, loud, or outgoing. 

True confidence is when you’re aware of the discomfort and you are able to feel the fear, anxiety, unfamiliarity, or strangeness of the experience, but you still choose to step out anyway.

You know that if you move forward, you may fail but you choose to give it a go. 

True confidence means if anything you do doesn’t work, you always pick yourself back up and try again. 

But the thing is that being confident doesn’t happen in an instant. You can’t wake up one day and there you go! You’re now confident!

It’s because being confident is not a destination that you can reach or a simple goal that you can achieve at the end of the year. 

Creating confidence requires ongoing work. It means that you need to have dedication and commitment, moment to moment. 

And this is something you will learn in this sneak peek of chapter five of the audiobook. 

So listen in and discover how you’re gonna start practicing confidence and incorporate it into your daily life. 

Topics discussed and where to find them: 

01:31 Being Confident is Not What You Thought It Might Be

01:55 The True Confidence 

02:29 Confidence is Not a Destination – It’s an ongoing Work

02:46 The Similarities of Meditation and Being Confident

05:45 Create Confidence by Practicing It Every Day

06:21 Committing to This Practice, The Better You Get At It

06:37 The Definition of Practice

07:10 Making Sh*t Happen and Taking Risks Every Single Day

08:32 Pushing to a New and Uncomfortable Limit

09:23 Not Feeling Confident When Practicing Confidence

09:48 Confidence is an Emotion

10:22 Personal Experience that Makes Me Sh*t Myself With Fear

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