Audiobook Series: Chapter 8 – Create

To create is imperative when it comes to practicing confidence, besides the other five C’s discussed in the previous chapters of this audiobook. 

It is the step that will truly move you towards achieving your goals and you become resourceful and innovative. 

So when you create, you look for effective ways to make things happen. It means that you get to create the opportunity, solution, and a way to accomplish things you really desire. 

That’s why you need to open your mind to look for all the best ways to create an opportunity, results, instead of focusing on your reasons why you always find it so hard to make it happen for yourself. 

If you have big goals and amazing dreams in life, always take action that is completely in alignment with what you really want to achieve so that you won’t get frustrated and burnout knowing that nothing seems to work out. 

But if you’re one of those women out there who have the same struggles with this particular part of five C’s – to create, then go ahead and listen to the snippet of this audiobook and help yourself understand how important this is for you. 

Keep in mind that nothing happens when you do nothing and great things start to appear when you take small steps that will bring you to the amazing leaps towards your dreams. 

These small steps may have little significance compared to how big your dreams are, but they will surely pay off in the long run. 

Topics discussed and where to find them: 

01:26 Chapter 8: The Five C’s – CREATE

01:43 The Step That Tangibly Moves You Towards Your Goals 

02:12 Action Just for the Sake of Action isn’t Taking Action

02:30 Getting Frustrated But Not Getting the Results You Want

02:50 Doing Sh*t Just for the Sake of Doing It

03:35 Create is a Better Word Than Action

03:49 Creating a Way to Make Things Happen

04:29 Small Steps Lead to Big Changes

05:01 The HOW is a Number of Small Actions to Conquer the Overwhelm

05:20 Choice Directly Followed by Action

05:59 The Most Powerful Antidote to Procrastination is to Create

06:44 Nothing Happens When You Do Nothing

07:36 The Key to All of These is Momentum

08:05 When You Stop Creating, You Stop Taking Action

08:16 Leading to Fatigue, Stress, and Burnout
08:42 Loss of Momentum Combined with a Lack of Energy

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