4-9 June 2021



19-24 July 2020
The most awakening, powerful and sacred way to cultivate deep transformation and healing.

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Join us in Ubud Bali for 5 nights, 6 days of profound healing, learning, shedding and pruning of your old self. Here you will be safely guided and lead in order to push past comfort and into the rebirth of you are really meant to be. This retreat will leave you feeling, energised, rejuvenated, clear minded, expanded and ready to experience yourself on a whole new level.

An empowered community of women who want deep, in-person, connection, accountability, and encouragement to go for the life they desire to experience

The Sistahood coaching group is an all-inclusive experience for women who desire to free themselves of the opinion of others, of self judgement, comparison and the B.S. thoughts that don't serve them anymore.  In this group we give our Sistas love, accountability, support, direction and empowerment in order to start owning who they are confidently.


It's all LIVE and in person. (Not in Melbourne AU? Don't worry, I created the Sistahood Global just for you. 

I love me some IN PERSON vibes so get ready for: ENERGY, ACTION, ACCOUNTABILITY and COMMUNITY. 

HERE'S A SNIPPET OF what you can look forward to

Beating Stress

We live 70% of our lives in high stress and survival mode, anticipating a worst case scenario based off a past event and then select the worst possible outcome. This is how we end up conditioning our bodies with fear.


Spending time in our bodies allows us to get out of our mind. There is so much going on as we think 75,000 thoughts per day. Meditation will empower you to calm your mind, get in touch with your inner world and let go of stress. It’s designed to lower your cortisol and adrenal system so you can make choices from a place or calmness and clarity.

Inner Work

How you think becomes how you feel and how you act which leads to the direct results you get in your life. If you are not happy or fulfilled with the results you are producing then it’s time you changed the way you think. This sounds easy yet it’s one of the toughest things we will do, conquer the monkey mind as Buddhists say. We will pay attention and become conscious of our minds and how we can start thinking, being, doing and having with more purpose, clarity and intention. Creating from a place of abundance and freedom not lack and scarcity.


The mind and body are one and if we are going to look at improving the mind, the body will of course need some love. We will be adding movement into our daily practice as we retreat. Movement is one of the key pillars of this retreat as you will be able to deeply connect the mind and spirit once the body has been enrolled.


Accomodation in the breathtaking rice fields of Ubud will be twin share.  We will have the entire 8 bedroom luxurious villa to stay in together as a tribe.

Total cost for retreat is $4,997 AUD per person
(*Flights and travel insurance are not included)

The Ngurah Rai International airport (Bali's main airport) in Nasa Dua, is just a 60 minute drive from our retreat centre and all airport transfers will be provided. For T&Cs please click here

If you’re ready to retreat with us in Bali, lets do it.  


Join us for a 6 day retreat in beautiful Ubud Bali.  Run by Confidence Coach and Holistic Personal trainer, Meditation teacher

4-9 June 2021

Be ready to allow that which doesn't serve you die off, sit in the void where you will recreate from, to then rebirth into who it is you really are...

Package Highlights

  • 5 nights, 6 days located in the most desireable location Bali has to offer, Ubud.
  • Complimentary airport transfers included.
  • Daily meditation, movement and mindset workshops designed to reconnect you in: mind, body, soul and spirit.
  • 2 Excursions to Ubud's most scared spaces
  • All meals provided, your choice of raw, vegan, vegitarian or meat.  You will be spoiled by handmade, nutritious whole food.
  • A complimentary 1 hour in- room massage, plus 24/7 access to a private chlorine-free swimming pool, sauna and hot tub jacuzzi
  • Daily maid service and 24 hour security and free Wifi
  • Unlimited supply of drinking water, homemade freshly brewed herbal ginger, pandan & lemongrass tea, selection of other teas, Balinese coffee with french press plunger.
  • All natural soap & shampoo in your room made locally in Bali

Program Outline

Our retreat will be based on working with the mind, thoughts, feelings, beliefs and behaviours. Working with the modalities of coaching, mindfulness, cognative behaviour therapy, shamanic healing, movement, meditation, neuroscience and the latest research, we have put together a specific program to inspire action, connection and deep compassion and acceptance of self and others. 

The retreat will be very healing and will allow you the opportunity to be fully expressed, connect deeper and start standing in your truest self.  Since this work is being done in such an intimate setting we will have the benefit of one on one plus community discussion where we learn so much more from one anothers experiences.


  • Morning meditation
  • Group breakfast
  • Morning circle
  • Workshop
  • Morning tea
  • Workshop
  • Lunch
  • Workshop
  • Afternoon tea
  • Group Dinner
  • Free Time
  • Night Meditation

Welcome to paradise

The amazing hosts at Villa Gaia have been making their luxurious beautiful space available for healing retreats and escapes for over 8 years. We are extremely excited to call the entire place to ourselves home for our 6 day-long retreat. The Villa is nestled in the heart of terraced rice fields, a short and breathtaking 15-minute stroll from the centre of Ubud. Gorgeous shared bedrooms with air conditioning, open study room with comfortable sofas and views of palm trees and rice terraces, large swimming pool, plus hot tub and sauna available 24 hours a day.

Erika Cramer

Confidence Coach

After overcoming a life full of trauma, physical and sexual abuse, neardeath experiences, breaking her back and being widowed, Erika found herself drowning in pain and sadness trying to numb everything she had been through. These life changing experiences finally lead her to life coaching where she went on a deep path to personal growth and healing.

Now wife, mother of two and Confidence coach, Erika founded The Queen of Confidence. Erika is taking a bold stand for women to reclaim their self confidence. She encourages women to end people pleasing, self judgment, comparison and to let go of caring so much what other people think of us (#FWOT). Erika speaks regularly to groups of women and mothers on the topic of Self confidence, Self-love and vulnerability.

She facilitates Confidence masterclasses in Melbourne whilst running her coaching business where she coaches women both privately and in groups settings. Erika keeps it raw, real and entertaining whilst inspiring women everywhere to be who they are and stand in their fully expressed selves.


Hamish Cramer

PT/Meditation teacher

Studying fitness, movement and meditation for over a decade, Hamish brings a level of experince designed to inspire the Mind, Body and Spirit connection.  His holisitc approach enables deep transformation as he his work focuses on transforming and bringing together the 4 bodies (Spritual body, Emotional body, Physical body and Mental body).

He sees fitness and wellness as one and focuses on empowering his clients into movement versus weight loss.  This unique approach to fitness incorporates meditation in order to assist his clients in achieveing lower stress, adrenal and cortisol levels. Hamish is a long life learner and has studied energy healing and Shamanism, which he incorporates into all of his sessions.

As a husband, father of two and owner of Alterego Holistic fitness studio in Melbourne, Hamish knows the value of calming our internal system and managing our minds.  He is on a mission to bring in Movement, Mindset and Meditation into the everyday rituals of his clients in order to truly heal their bodies and inspire postive holisitc change.

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Join us for a 6 day retreat in beautiful Ubud Bali. Run by Confidence Coach, Erika Cramer and Holistic Personal trainer, Meditation teacher and healer Hamish Cramer.

4-9 June 2021

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