Behind the scenes of the Sistahood


Ok, so I know I harp on about how incredibly important it is to do the INNER work…

To make peace with your past and to create the life you desire by letting go of the beliefs that hold you back…

And maybe you’ve thought “yeah, yeah Erika, but HOW?!” – It feels impossible at times”….

Or maybe you’ve heard me speak about The SISTAHOOD and wondered what it’s like to work with me inside of this incredible community.

👑 Well this week on the podcast you’re in for a treat Sis!

You’re going to hear first hand what “doing the work” actually looks like from the women who are showing up and doing it

These women have completely transformed their lives (and the lives of the people they love the most) 

🔥 In this episode you’ll hear about how you can go from feeling lost and lacking purpose to transforming your life and healing generational trauma.

🔥 How working on yourself directly impacts your confidence and leadership skills and your ability to influence your teams, co-workers and clients (plus helping you thrive in your career and smash your financial goals).

🔥 How you can actually end people pleasing for good and learn how to use your voice, speak your truth and stand in your values.

🔥 How doing the work helps you evolve as a human being, thrive from within and be an example for your children.

I hope you see yourself in these women’s stories because they are women just like you and I.

Yet they have been able to create next level results in their lives despite their adversities and difficulties. As a matter of fact, they transformed BECAUSE of these hardships

I hope you realise that no matter what you’ve moved through YOU are the one that gets to decide how your life turns out

👉🏽 Not the past.

👉🏽 Not your difficult circumstances.

👉🏽 YOU get to.

Doing the work within a community to support you, guide you, keep you accountable and uplift you when you feel down is THE most incredible part of the Sistahood.

It’s been my honour to witness these women and ALL of the Sistas who have come through our amazing community.

Topics discussed and where to find them:

[2:10]: Niki shares her story how she joined the Sistahood. She felt lost, empty and no joy and wasn’t showing up for her family the way she wanted to. 

*[4:00]: Lilliana met Hamish, who knew she would love Erika because she’s all about supporting women. Lilliana joined Erika’s retreat and at the time she felt dead inside but has learned so much and made incredible friends.

[7:45]:  Loz shares how she was so lost when she joined the Sistahood, putting her identity in her career and battling post natal depression. 

[9:30]: Loz talks about how powerful her first masterclass was and how far she’s come in doing the work with Erika. 

[10:50]: Tonia shares how she found Erika’s podcast and felt a real lack of self love. Since joining the Sistahood she has discovered how much she is worth. 

[13:30]: Tonia shares about the inner work she has done to unpack the childhood trauma she didn’t even know was there. Now she feels so grateful for the healing. 

[16:00]: Erika talks about the power that Tonia has in her voice and how it’s been amazing to see her journey

[17:45]: You’re not alone. The power of the Sistahood is the community. 

[18:30]: Tarsh found Erika on Instagram and resonated with her instantly. She shares how much her life has changed since being in the Sistahood. 

[24:00]: Tarsh talks about her journey from having no money or sense of self to knowing the sense of evolving as a human being 

[28:00]: Working on yourself is so hard. It’s not about what you see on Instagram but what happens in real life that nobody sees. 

[30:00]: Pretty please review my podcast!

[31:15]: The beauty of the community is how we can learn from each other and pass on those learnings to the people around us in life and in business

[35:00]: Leadership isn’t just getting the job done and making money, but about leading a team and validating people to be safe to feel and hold space for them. 

[36:00]: Lilliana shares about her business and her new campaign, The Kindness Challenge. 

[38:15]: Niki shares her biggest takeaway as a Sistahood member that she can change the idea of what family is. As she went on her journey, it inspired her entire family.  

[42:30]: When you work on yourself, the things around you keep shifting and changing. If you want to see change, you have to be the change and as you do, you make a difference. 

[43:10]: A lot of women are afraid of themselves and what they will uncover if they start doing the work. 

[45:00]: How powerful it is to teach staff the lessons we are learning in the Sistahood

[47:00]: It can be daunting to be vulnerable with a bunch of women you don’t know, but when you go into it, you feel held and seen.  

[49:25]: The most scary thing is not knowing what you will uncover when you start doing the work. When you self enquire, you see how powerful you are but some people are so afraid of the light. 

[53:30]: How working on yourself is so important when you have kids. The more you grow and heal, the more your kids and partner benefit from you being a better person. 

[56:25]: The ladies talk about the most helpful tools for them during lockdown: Podcasts, books,  the community, journaling, moving, meditation

[1:02:00]: The cost of not doing the work is what keeps pushing Niki to keep pushing through the fear. 

[1:04:15]: Byron Katie has been an incredible inspiration and showing up in the Sistahood group is so powerful. 

[1:07:30]: Our modern society thinks it’s dangerous for strangers to share their inner lives without trigger warnings but it’s an incredible supportive community

[1:09:30]: We are starved for genuine connection and when we start being vulnerable, the people in the community feel safe to do so too. 

[1:11:00]: Retreats are an incredible immersive experience and having the accountability of the group is a safe space to keep growing

[1:14:45]: What the ladies would say to their former selves before they started the Sistahood. 


Did these stories resonate with you? Are you ready to put yourself first and finally work on you?

Join us in the Sistahood now!

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