Biz Series: Why Niching Matters (IGTV)

Ladies, we all want to leave a legacy. But for most of us, that’s a huge challenge – the world already feels full, and the Internet is already packed with noise. It can feel like we’re all competing over the same tiny piece of pie, especially as coaches.

That’s why I made this episode – because this is what niching is all about. It’s claiming your space and owning your throne – in other words, laser-focusing on one specific area and making it yours. 

In fact, niching helps you establish an answer to one of the most critical questions of your entire career: What problem do you solve, and what kind of clients do you help? 

For example, I started my business to help women with self-confidence – because I remember being a mother who needed help mending her confidence and healing her trauma.

What about you? If you’re not sure yet, I got you, girl – hit play and let’s work it out together!

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