Blending the woo with the work, with Taylor Rae

My darlings I am so pleased to bring you today’s episode with the gorgeous Taylor Rae. I met Taylor on Instagram of course as you know that is where I meet all the best women in the world! 

Taylor is on a mission to teach female entrepreneurs how to blend spirituality with strategy in order to have the impact and make the money they are here for. Taylor is a Speaker, a Coach, the Host of the Strong Babe Collective Podcast, and an Online Course Creator, committed to helping women everywhere call in the freedom, impact, and abundance she knows is waiting for them. From corporate career woman to burnt-out business owner, to aligned entrepreneurial boss babe, Taylor has learnt exactly how to blend the ‘woo’ with the work to call in massive abundance and is dedicated to showing other women exactly how to do the same.

Also, this woman is actually one of the only people I have ever met with the same amount of energy as I have which is a whole lot of energy!!!!

Enjoy X E

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Instagram: @taylorraepeters

Facebook: @taylorraepeters


Books We Mentioned:

The Vortex – Abraham Hicks and Esther Hicks 

The Power of Now – Eckhart Tolle