Buying My First Home

As a little girl growing up in a rough neighborhood, who was in and out of foster care, who depended on food stamps, I never expected that one day I’d be able to buy a house. 

I was letting my past hold me back. “I’m too poor,” even though I wasn’t anymore. “I’m too Puerto Rican. I’m too whatever.” These beliefs were still keeping me down, years and years and years later. 

But I wanted to give that little foster kid inside me a home of her own. I wanted my kids to grow up in their own home. 

So I made myself realize something: I’m powerful as f*ck. I’m a creator. And if I don’t like my results, I can change what I’m creating. 

Today I’m sharing how that mindset helped me change my life and buy my first home – and how you can do it too. My sisters, whatever goal you have – to buy a home, to go on a three-month European vacation, to switch careers, to be happier – it is attainable. It starts with you. 

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