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Death Guilt

Recently it was the anniversary of my first husband, Jeo’s death and I received some messages on Instagram from people that got me thinking about this idea of feeling “sad” when someone has passed away. Today on the podcast, Hamish and I chat about how we celebrate Jeo and why we don’t like this “death guilt” mentality. Why is it that for the one day a year that we truly acknowledge someone’s death there’s this expectation that we need to be sad? This idea that we need to sit in suffering and mourn.

We as a society really have not come to terms with death, yet we all end up passing on. That’s a fact and it’s unavoidable. Why do we feel the need to feel sad about someone passing on, instead of focusing on how they lived, what joy they brought to our lives and the impact that they had on those around them?

So we want to remind you that you are allowed to not be sad on the anniversary of someone’s death. The last thing that they would want is for you to be sit in suffering because you feel like you “have to” or that you “should”. Create your own rituals around remembering them, acknowledge their existence and feel however you want to feel about it.

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