🫤 Feeling lost? Listen to this

Are you feeling LOST right now?

Unclear where you’re headed? Feeling unsure about the future or confused about where you want to go?…

This episode is for you sis.

Literally every women who has signed up to work with me has repeated this sentence at least once “Erika, I just feel so lost…”

And I get it. Many of us have been following someone else’s map and we haven’t been really clear on the final destination.

Here’s the thing, if you don’t plug in the correct GPS coordinates you will end up somewhere you never planned to be.

In this episode I share:

👑 A few reframes around feeling lost, how to tell if you are actually lost or just overwhelmed.

👑 The 2 things you must do if you want to stop feeling lost

👑 Some super powerful questions you can ask yourself to move you onto the right direction.

Grab a pen and paper and tune it, it’s to CHOOSE the direction you want to go in.

Big love – E x


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