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Five things that aren’t serving you during COVID19

Look, I know you’re sick of hearing about COVID19 and I know you’re probably getting a million emails from businesses talking about it too. I don’t want to add to it and I know we all just want to get on with our lives, but the fact of the matter is right now things are different. Life is different and how are you handling it? Like really, deep down, how are you handling your current situation, whatever that looks like for you.

There are a few things that I’m witnessing that I wanted to bring to your attention today that you can be sure are not serving you during this time, or really ever to be honest. But it’s worth looking at right now while you have the time and the space to go inwards.

  1. Generalising people
  2. Taking on the media
  3. Projecting yo’ shit
  4. Martyrdom (this word y’all – it’s too big)
  5. Numbing out

I hope you enjoy this episode my love. Really look at whether you’re doing any of these things, and check yourself.

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