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Girl, we got this with Laticia Rolle

Ladies, I cannot wait for you to hear this episode and to soak up all the goodness. I am so happy to introduce you to my girl, Laticia Rolle. This woman is all about empowering other women through connection and giving them a voice. She has her own podcast, “Girl, We Got This” where she interviews incredible women and spreads the message that we’re not alone. We’re all connected. We can all be empowered and live the lives that we want to live.

Laticia is the most sexy ass human on the planet. She’s a model, an actress, she has a company that makes hats for curly hair called Tress and she’s just an absolute boss. Laticia is so open with how she got to where she is, and all the things she needed to overcome to step into who she wants to be.

Hit this woman up on Instagram and listen to her podcast. She truly supports women, she empowers women and she has been an absolute pleasure to have on the podcast.

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