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Healing is not linear

I’m writing my first book right now and the journey I am on with this is incredible. I am going deep into my childhood to try and understand the timelines of so many things that I can’t really remember. I didn’t initially think I would be including a lot of my story in this book but I’m realising how important it is to share as much as I can.

As I’ve gone back through the memories that I have of my childhood, I’ve been realising how much is missing. I don’t know timelines, I don’t know ages and I really wanted to do some digging to see if I could join some of the dots for my book.

So I started Googling the social worker I had as a child. I remembered her first name and where I was during that time, but that’s about it. Sure enough, her name came up and the minute I saw her last name, so many emotions came flooding in.

This social worker still works in the same place. I was able to contact her and leave a voicemail. It was incredible. Again, as I heard her voice on her voicemail more emotions came flooding in. I sobbed and sobbed after I left her a message.

I didn’t expect her to remember me. I didn’t expect her to email me back, but she did. And again, a flood of emotions washed over me.

So I wanted to share this with you today to let you know that healing is not linear. I have done years and years of work on myself and I have processed so much trauma. I have a wonderful life, a gorgeous family and everything I need. But it doesn’t mean that my healing journey is over. The journey will never e over. There will always be things to work through, emotions to process and that is okay.

Allow yourself to feel your feelings and know that you will work through them.

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