Healing the Inner Child

Do you ever feel like your past is creating your future? 

Maybe the early loss of a loved one keeps you from getting close to people today. Maybe sexual trauma in your childhood prevents you from being intimate with your significant other. Maybe domestic abuse in a previous relationship makes you hesitant to fall in love again. 

Often, that’s your inner child – full of unresolved trauma, grief, and pain – calling out for Adult You to help, to listen, to accept. 

When we do this – and it can be difficult, but so worth it – we’re healing that inner child, and by extension healing our present selves. 

Despite the pain, it is an opportunity to truly connect with ourselves, to forgive ourselves, to find ourselves and to love ourselves – the way we may not have when we were young. 

When we can be compassionate to ourselves, when we begin to heal our inner child, the sky’s not even the limit. 

My sisters, we all need to heal from something. This episode can help no matter where you are on your journey. Sit back, invite your childhood self along, and let’s go.




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