Here’s why you need “toxic” people

You know those people who just push your buttons?

Those situations that make you so angry and frustrated or leave you feeling hurt.

Your sibling who complains about everything  

Your arrogant co-worker or opinionated neighbour

Your controlling mother

The guy who cut you off on the way to work

We all get triggered. And let me tell you, friend… that is a GOOD thing.

This episode is all about why getting triggered is so important. It’s a sign that something within YOU needs attention. 

We think those things that trigger us are annoying problems that need to go away. 

But if you let them, all of those people and situations just help you go deeper into yourself and do the work and become a better person.

A more kind person

A more compassionate person

Someone who is patient and manages conflict well

If you have “toxic” people in your life, they are here to MAKE you, not break you.

In this episode, I talk about looking within to find the insecurity that’s causing you to get triggered, that it’s our choice if we allow people to offend us.

I talk about the role of our ego, taking responsibility, and the massive opportunity you have when you start paying attention to what’s going on inside. 

Do you have “toxic” people in your life?

They’re actually helping you.


[1:30]: Ego is when we identify with something we think we are or others think we are. 

[2:25]: The importance of feeling triggered and people pushing your buttons.

[5:00]: We think those things are a problem but they are all making you go into your work and become a better person.

[6:20]: When you understand that situations are working FOR you, you look at things differently.

[8:15]: When we feel threatened or judged, we put up a defense that stops us from learning from the situation that’s triggering us. 

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[10:00]: We need to be aware of the way we think and take responsibility. It’s our choice if we allow people to offend us. 

[12:00]: If you already feel self-conscious about something, the comment is going to hurt you. It activates insecurity. 

[14:00]: If you point the finger at someone else, there are three more pointing back at you. If it affects you, it’s on you. 

[15:30]: If something inside you gets woken up, think about what it needs. The life of your dreams will get created in the mess that you keep trying to push down. 

[17:00]: The ego is when you think you’re superior or inferior 

[18:00]: If you get offended, think about what it is within you that is bothered?


Resources Mentioned:

A New Earth by Eckhart Tolle 
Listen to People don’t trigger you. YOU get triggered

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