IGTV Rant: People don’t trigger you. YOU get triggered.

Recently the amazing January Harshe shared a VERY IMPORTANT message about TW (trigger warnings) on her post on her @birthwithoutfear Instagram and it really got me thinking.

So many of the women I come across will say someone triggered them and I have to tell you right now that how you respond to someone’s behaviour is your choice.

Are people rude, hard work and inappropriate sometimes? Yes!  But how you choose to respond is your RESPONSIBILITY. 

(RESPONSE • ABILITY) your ability to respond.

I am not saying it’s ok how people act but I am saying that you choosing your response and working on your stuff when it brings something up for you, is where your power lies.

I am and have always been about us taking responsibility back. If there is something showing up for you, it’s an opportunity for you to get to working on it. Getting into the subconscious patterns, thoughts/feelings and beliefs that may be coming up for you.

As Byron Katie says “An unquestioned mind is a world of suffering” 

I hope this serves you my love  x E

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