Is there a part of your life where you struggle with being more authentic? 

Like you want to be real to yourself and to all people around you. 

This is a huge topic that I have heard for so long from different women. 

So I had to speak about it. 

Because I believe there’s a problem with the question: “How do I become more authentic?”

There are a number of things that are behind that question. 

That’s why I created this podcast because I want to address all of them. 

So if you want to know more about HOW to truly become a more authentic hit play now Queen!. 

After listening to it, you’ll understand the true answer to this question.

Topics discussed and where to find them: 

00:45 How to be More Authentic

01:50 Trying to be Real

02:45 Why are You Holding Yourself Back?

05:21 Just be Yourself

07:14 Other People’s Opinion Has Nothing to Do With You

08:59 Paying Attention to Knowing is That You or  is That the Influence

09:52 F*ck What Others Think About You

11:34 Your Voice For Yourself Be Heard

11:55 Your Gut is Your Your Intuition

13:36 Helping and Working on the Lack

14:29 People are Always Gonna Think Sh*t About You

15:46 If It’s Never Enough For You, Nothing You Do Will Help

16:58 Catching Yourself When You F*ck Up Publicly

18:20 Start Trusting How You Feel

20:06 Having an Issue Saying No

20:30 Everything Starts and Ends With You

23:29 The Need of Having More of You
26:05 Own Who You Are and Who You Wanna Be

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