How to Handle the Pandemic Division

I live in Melbourne, the most locked-down city in the world. It’s been hard and strange and a wild ride that’s for sure.

Whatever your thoughts are on lockdowns or vaccines or any of that, I wanted to have a conversation about what to do when you don’t agree with someone. 

People are losing their friendships, jobs, and family relationships over disagreements about this topic. 

We have to learn how to truly understand each other, even when we disagree. 

This is so important to me because we are living as people divided –  not because of covid, but because we don’t know how to disagree. 

Everyone has an opinion about the best course of action when it comes to the best course of action and everyone is right.

Try to catch yourself making judgements about others. Reflect on WHY you react the way you do. Why are you getting triggered?

When we come from a place of compassion and kindness in our conversations, we can begin to repair the disconnection and separation in our world. 

It’s possible to hold space for people who disagree with us and still be kind.

Topics discussed and where to find them:

[1:01]: In Melbourne, we’ve just come out of lockdown. We won the award for the most lockdown city in the world. Now, I don’t even remember how to be with people! 

[2:27]: I had to cancel and reschedule my Sistahood day because I lost my voice, my website crashed and my emails went down. So I took the entire weekend off, I can’t even remember when I last took the weekend off. 

[3:00]: I really need to create and find ways to rest. 

[3:12]: I spoke at the most incredible event in Canada, ‘Choose Happy’ from Your Way Weight Loss. Check out my previous podcast with the founders! 500 people were there in person and they sold 900 tickets online. 

[4:17]: We’ve just launched ‘Next Level November’ and it is such an incredibly busy time. 

[5:06]: This episode is about my spin on Covid and the current situation in the world. What do you do when you don’t agree with the narrative? How do we talk with people who disagree with us?

[7:30]: Nobody is wrong. There are 8 billion people on the planet who have their own narratives and experiences. 

[9:21]: You can use this episode in any part of your life with any person you don’t agree with. The principle is the same. 

[9:50]: Aubrey Marcus said in his podcast that we are talking about freedom and safety. The people who feel they are being forced feel like they are losing their freedom. The people who want everyone to be vaccinated and to wear masks feel like their safety is being threatened. Nobody is wrong.

[11:30]: We need to come to a place of understanding and compassion. We are never all going to agree. 

[12:29]: Instead of wishing for the world to be kind, you be kind. 

[13:15]: I’ll give you the example of Person A, Person B, and Person C. Let’s first consider Person A – works in the medical industry.

[17:32]: ‘Next Level November’ is live! Every single week in November we will be dropping a new offer. Each one only lasts for 7 days and there are only 10 spots available each week. 

[19:26]: Let’s talk Person B – has experienced someone who has been hurt by a vaccine. 

[21:30]: Person A will be looking at all of the medical research. She will not be looking at the individual cases of vaccine harm that Person B is looking at. You are not going to convince Person A to think like Person B. 

[23:40]: We have to move to understanding or we will be at war with our neighbours. 

[23:54]: Let’s talk about Person C – conspiracy theorist. 

[25:33]: There is already hesitancy because the vaccine was developed quickly. The Australian government said that Astra Zenica can’t be taken by people under 50 because it can cause clotting. Person C is even more inflamed by this. 

[27:06]: Australia then changes and says that everyone can get it and the time in between doses shortens. People like Person B and C blow up even more. 

[28:22]: Because we don’t work on ourselves, we don’t know how to deal with being triggered. So we explode at one another. 

[29:55]: People are losing friendships, their jobs, family relationships, people are fighting on the streets. We aren’t asking ourselves ‘why am I triggered?’. 

[30:50]: We are divided. Not because of Covid, but because we can’t disagree. 

[32:24]: I want to have great conversations with people to see the world in another way. It doesn’t mean I’ll agree with you but I want to understand why people think the way they think. 

[34:26]: Catch yourself trying to convince others to do what you want them to do. 

[35:44]: When I look at my judgements I always gain some light into myself. I always think ‘why does that bother me?’. 

[36:45]: It doesn’t mean you can’t fight the good fight. It doesn’t mean that if you understand people, you don’t fight the fight. Do what you do, but have compassion for others. 

[38:37]: We can create some love where we can hold space for people who disagree with us and still be kind about it. It takes a lot of work, honesty, compassion, and willingness. 

[39:52]: Teach our kids: You don’t have to agree with people but always be kind.



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