I Completely Lost My Confidence

Ok this is a big one for me. 

Yes Erika “the Queen of CONFIDENCE” lost her confidence?! 

Yup. I did. Hard! 

I recently got Covid and damn…COVID took my confidence. 

I mean, I completely lost my confidence. I even lost my sense of self. I got so scared, anxious, and depressed. 

It was truly a great challenge for me and I literally felt like a prisoner of my mind. 

Until I reached the point when I realized that, sometimes, people need to surrender and let go. 

You wanna know how I got through it? If so, listen to this entire episode now.

Always remember sis, that when things get harder and shaky along your way, it means you’re transitioning to the next level. 

I love you. 

Topics discussed and where to find them: 

03:57 Completely and Utterly Lost F*cking Confidence

04:46 When Doubt Started to Kick In 

06:55 Keep Focusing on What’s Wrong – Pushing Further Into Stress

07:12 Putting a Lot of Pressure to Get Things Right 

08:31  You Can’t Use the Mind that Got You in that Problem to Get You Out

09:49 Giving Into the “NOW”

12:47 Fighting the Moment You’re In, It’ll Last Longer 

14:15 Transitioning Into a Better Level After Going Through Hardships 

14:29 Upgrades are Painful

15:54 To Surrender and To Let Go

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