I don’t have “enough” trauma

Sista, this episode is HOT. I’m pumped UP! 

If you’ve been blessed with a good life and you think you’re not messed up enough to work on yourself, this episode is for YOU. 

A lot of women say to me that they don’t have enough trauma to work on themselves. 

But you don’t need some crazy shit to have happened to you for it to be traumatic. We have ALL experienced trauma. 

Trauma isn’t the thing that happens to you, it’s what happens INSIDE of you (thank you Dr. Gabor Mate) . And it all goes back to childhood. 

If you felt sad, lonely, scared, rejected, unloved in ANY way, that’s enough to work with right there. And if you don’t deal with that shit, it will deal with you.

Scan your life right now. Take a good look at your mind, your relationships, your body, your bank account. 

Where is your lack?

Are you showing up as a fully expressed version of yourself?

Or are you afraid to put yourself out there? Too scared of what people will think if you really showed them who you are. 

Is your mind at peace? Or is it juiced up on fear and negativity?

If you’re unhappy in ANY area of your life, THAT is something to work on. 

What’s the point of buying fancy cars and eyelashes if you’re MISERABLE?

Investing your mindset is where it’s at – This is your invitation to level up!

Topics discussed and where to find them:

[1:00]: A lot of women tell me they don’t have enough trauma but you don’t need to be messed up to start working on yourself 

[2:30]: Gabor Mate says that trauma isn’t the thing that happens to you, it’s what happens inside of you. We have all been traumatized in some way. 

[3:55]: If you’re unhappy in any area of your life, that is an area you can work on. We all need connection and a safe space to unravel and be seen, heard and understood. 

[4:50]: No one is damaged – we just have shit that happened and if we don’t deal with it, it will deal with us. 

[5:55]: Your childhood directly affects the kind of grown-up you become. It’s not your fault but it IS your responsibility. Where are you spending your money? 

[7:00]: Where is your lack? Take a good look at your life and the way you act and think.  

[9:00]: Your relationship with yourself is what matters. You don’t need a crazy traumatic story because we all carry shit from our childhood that impacted us 

[11:00]: People are seeking to be seen because they were never seen and validated. If you ever felt hurt, scared or unseen as a kid, it’s trauma. 

[13:00]: Scan yourself, are you fully expressed and showing up in every aspect? We all need help and support. Don’t shame your trauma or lack of trauma. 

[14:15]: You are incredible as you are. It is your light, not your darkness that scares you. What if you shined bright? 

[15:00]: You have been traumatized. There’s enough there to unpack and unravel so if you resonate with me, JOIN THE HOOD! 


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