I don’t have the money for THAT

What is your spending doing for you? If you’re fine with spending money on getting your nails done and your eyebrows done or buying drinks or going out for dinner but you’re not willing to spend a fraction of that on something that will invest into your LIFE or your BUSINESS, it’s time to check yourself. How many times have you said, “I don’t have the money for THAT”?

I thought this would be a really good topic to talk about today because I recently had someone say this to me about a business event I’m launching, Grow your Fempire. It got me thinking about where we choose to spend our money and how we end up sabotaging ourselves by spending money on shit that doesn’t matter. And a lot of the time, we don’t even know it. 

In this episode I share some of my thoughts on all this and how I worked and budgeted my ass off to get to where I am today. Being so low on money that I couldn’t even afford bread forged something in me and I learned to only invest in the things that I value.

Do you know what you’re spending your money on? If you wrote a list of every single thing you bought, I’m telling you, you would be blown away. If you want to grow and make progress and take your business to another level, you have to invest in it and you have to be intentional. 

I know an investment when I see one and let me tell you, the BEST investment you can make is backing yourself. Look where you’re spending your money and notice your priorities. Are you investing in yourself, your life and your business? 

Don’t sit around waiting for the day to come when you’ll finally have enough money for everything. Create the money. Find a way to do the thing you really want and back yourself. You’ll never regret that investment.


[1:40]: Check yourself if you say “I don’t have the money for THAT”

[2:20]: I recently launched my Grow Your Fempire event, where I’ll teach people exactly what I did to build my business from zero dollars and a woman told me the $97 tickets were too much

[5:30]: We sabotage ourselves because we have money but we don’t know what we’re spending it on. Is the thing you’re spending your money on giving you a return on investment?

[6:20]: How we have money for lots of things but some of them have a negative return, like cigarettes and alcohol

[8:00]: It’s more expensive not to invest in your health

[8:50]: How when we didn’t have money, we budgeted really tight. I didn’t buy clothes and that was a good lesson because now I don’t see the value.

[10:30]: How the best investment anyone can make is backing themselves

[11:50]: If you say you want to grow, you have to be willing to invest money into it

[12:30]: Break down the values behind how you spend our money by making a list of where you spend your money

[14:05]: How we’re choosing every day whether you know it or not but you need to be intentional

[14:30]: ‘One day’ is never going to come. You need to make it happen by creating the money.

[16:00]: How doing this as a journaling exercise will change your life

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