I found a lump in my breast…

❤️Hey my friend,

Today I wanted to let you in on a personal experience I recently had in hopes that (as always), my lessons can be shared with you.

I recently found a lump in my right breast and it was a big moment of truth for me. In the episode I’ll share with you how this experience has changed me and what the outcome of it all was in the end.

The biggest thing I’d like for you to take away from this particular episode? That life happens and we never know when it is our time to say goodbye.

Let us not wait to live the life we dream of, let us not stay stagnant or stuck in places we don’t wish to be in.

Let’s not wait for a near death experience to wake up to our potential and realise that this life you and I have, is precious.

And deserves to be lived to the FULLEST.

I love you x E

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