Is it mercury retrograde or are you just sabotaging?

If you hang out on any social platform you may have seen tonnes of memes on Instagram lately with the  #fuckyoumercuryretrograde Tagline, but is it really serving you to blame retrograde tho? 

I know that what’s going on in the cosmos can have major effects on our planet and us and sometimes I believe we can allow ourselves to make things, mean things. In other words, we blame mercury retrograde or the full moon for why we do (or don’t do) something. Today’s episode is an invitation for you to ask yourself – are you being a creator? Or could you be living at the effect of your world? What’s really going on!? 

I hope it serves you darling and as always share your insights on Insta, tag me so I can share and keep the discussion going. 

With all my love, x E