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Keeping It Raw with Lisa Messenger

I have a very special guest in this episode today and I’m so pumped for you to hear all the things we talk about. Her name is Lisa Messenger and if you haven’t heard of her, where have you been?  This woman, this incredible raw and real business woman, is an absolute boss bitch.  

Lisa is a best-selling author, the CEO and Editor in Chief of The Collective Hub, which is an international business and lifestyle platform that, among many things, publishes books, puts on events and helps people who want to upskill themselves.  She has 20 years of business under her belt and is so open and so real.  I love her energy and I know you’re going to love this episode.  We talk about everything from business to cults, meditation, death, dogs, you name it.  She’s amazing.

Having just launched a new podcast, “Hear Me Raw”, and releasing a new journal called Create Your Best Life, Lisa has been busy in isolation.  This woman does not stop!  Please go check out her podcast, buy her books and tune in to this episode to hear more about Lisa and all of the things she’s up to.


4:50 – How busy Lisa was in quarantine! Girl she’s been creating content off the chain

6:50 – Why creatives need a detail orientated person to keep them in check

10:20 – Lisa’s origin story and how it all began

11:00 – How Lisa became the jack of all trades, but master of none while building her business and what she learned from this

13:20 – After 11 years in business, Lisa found herself bored and ready for a new challenge and The Creative Hub was born

15:30 – How The Creative Hub scaled too quickly and the issues that caused

18:30 – How being completely real about your situation helps people connect with you and run a better business

20:00 – Where Lisa’s “fuck it let’s do this” fire came from

21:00 – How a course called “The Hoffman Process” changed Lisa’s life and pulled her out of a very dark place

23:00 – Lisa’s struggle with alcoholism and how she moved through it to quit and better her life

26:00 – How the death of Lisa’s dad came at the most tumultuous time in her life and how the universe seemed to just be piling on at this time

30:00 – How Lisa dealt with the death of her dad

34:00 – Bringing on a business advisor and how that forced Lisa to really look at her business and make the huge changes that needed to be made

37:00 – Letting go of the ego that was attached to the big office and the big expenses of The Collective Hub office

41:00 – Where did Lisa’s self belief come from?

43:40 – Pushing yourself out of your comfort zone to find your sweet spot and challenge yourself

44:50 – Using social media as your market research for an idea that you have

50:00 – How Lisa has thrived during COVID-19

55:00 – Business is personal and that’s okay

56:00 – What is was like going to India and joining a cult

61:00 – Exploring different modalities of spirituality and taking from it what you can and learn from it

63:00 – Tips for business people looking to start a business and the best way to do that

64:00 – Don’t overthink that you’re trying to do – just start

65:00 – Done is better than perfect

65:40 – Lisa’s tips around hiring staff


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