Legally Protecting Your Impact with Tracey Mylecharane

What’s the first word that comes to mind when you think about the legal side of business?

Is it BORING? Heavy? Stuffy?

I totally get it, business legals are not that fun BUT let me tell you something – they are ESSENTIAL!

If you are here to create IMPACT, to build a LEGACY that will live on when you’re long gone, you HAVE TO make sure you are across all your biz legals!

That’s why I am sharing this episode with you today, where I sit down with MY incredible business lawyer, Tracey Mylecharane who has completely changed my life when it comes to dealing with the inevitable difficulties that comes with running a business.

With a wealth of experience in corporate law, Tracey is an expert litigation lawyer who focuses on empowering female business owners who want to protect their impact and legacy by adopting a ‘prevention is better than a cure’ ethos.

In this episode you’ll hear:

  • WHY you need to sort out your business legals NOW instead of waiting for something to go wrong!
  • Why you should NEVER ‘DIY’ your business legals!
  • The most common business legal pitfalls Tracey sees with female business owners

… and so much more!


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