Let’s talk weight loss with Josee and Alicia from Your Way Weight Loss

I can’t wait for you to hear this episode. 

I am talking with the absolute best humans and hopefully one day my new neighbours! Haha!

Meet Josee and Alicia.

These amazing ladies have both struggled with their weight. Tried all of the diets and followed all of the rules.

BUT none of them worked long-term. 

Sound familiar?

But why didn’t they work? 

Because they were not creating their own way to achieve their goals.

After finally finding her way to lose the weight for good, Josee used her strong passion

for helping women to create a space that would focus on mindset, self-awareness, and losing weight without a meal plan.

She founded Your Way Weight Loss in 2012 and has since helped thousands of

women lose weight their way!

Alicia lost 70lbs with YWWL over 5 years ago and is now part of the dynamic duo: J & A.

Josee and Alicia spend their days doing what they love most: helping their members break through all of the diet noise and create a life for themselves that allows them to feel comfortable in their skin.

Their program is all about the lifestyle you want to live, not the number on the scale.

The language you use to talk to yourself will be the most important tool to change your life. 

It’s about the mindset over the meal plan. 

I wish we could talk for hours and hours! 

I know that all of you will take away such incredible motivation and inspiration to begin or continue on your own self-care, self-awareness, and self-love journey.

Topics discussed and where to find them:

[0:49]: How do you feel about weight loss? It’s been a big challenge for me that I still struggle with. 

[1:13]: Josee and Alicia from Your Way Weight Loss (YWWL) are joining me to talk about losing weight through self-care and self-love. 

[2:23]: On Saturday 30th of October they are hosting one of the biggest events in a theatre in Canada. You can purchase a virtual ticket – I’ll be there and it’ll be incredible. 

[3:55]: Josee talks about listening to my podcast for the first time and how amazing it is having each other on our podcasts. 

[7:19]: Josee and Alicia talk about their business, Your Way Weight Loss. They help women lose weight in a completely different way than women who have lost weight before. 

[8:22]: As Mums, we look after everyone except ourselves. Josee and Alicia have both lost 32kg.

[9:27]: Josee shares her journey starting their business 10 years ago. She had been through the diet industry for years on many programs. With the right intentions, weight loss can be a beautiful, strong, and powerful journey. 

[10:40]: People often say they should change their name because the business is so much more than just weight loss. They created an amazing space for women. 

[11:56]: Alicia joined the business 5 years ago. Josee and Alicia were teachers at the same school and she joined YWWL to lose weight. 

[13:56]: Josee wanted Alicia to expand and open their business in her big city and she was unstoppable. 

[14:44]: The weight loss message in 2021 is very different from when the business started 10 years ago. 

[16:19]: People join YWWL to lose weight but they also benefit from a mindset change, confidence, and community. 

[17:12]: Alicia talks about her weight journey over her life. She never felt confident in her body. She struggled with her weight from 18 to 33. When her twins were 1, she was ready to do it differently and joined YWWL. 

[20:02]: Josee talks about her weight journey. She joined Weight Watchers when she was 13 years old. She lost 70 pounds two or three times. She questioned the rules on the restrictive diets she was on because she didn’t take information at face value.

[23:21]: A person that wants to change their life should be able to make all of the choices. When Josee started YWWL she was confident with the mission to help women keep the weight off long term. 

[24:35]: YWWL has never marketed a meal plan. 

[26:37]: Everything about YWWL is about ‘who do you want to be?’. To love your life with the skin you’re comfortable in. Weight loss is not a game. 

[27:52]: There are no timelines for YWWL. 

[29:03]: There is such deep conditioning that tells people what to believe. 

[29:57]: YWWL offers self-awareness. Josee talks about how most of the people that join are lacking in self-awareness. They provide tools and strategies for you to start knowing yourself. 

[31:07]: Alicia discusses how important it is to learn what their clients value. 

[32:44]: Previously, every time you try to lose weight you had to put your life and happiness aside. Other programs don’t have the proper conversations to learn everything about their clients. 

[33:41]: Our purpose on this earth is so much bigger than being as thin as possible. 

[36:17]: YWWL delves deep into the kind of person you want to be and living a fulfilling life. There is so much value in using proper language. What you’re saying to yourself is more impactful than what you put in your mouth. 

[38:45]: Take the time to really appreciate where you are right now. Happiness and thinness are not coming together. Don’t wait for the future to be happy. Don’t think ‘When X happens then I’ll be happy’.

[40:46]: You’re choosing to keep replaying negative thoughts and staying sad. Language changes this, not having a different life. 

[41:28]: Head over to the Queen of Confidence website and review the podcast! 

[43:11]: Alicia struggled with Imposter Syndrome thinking she isn’t enough to work for YWWL. She was waiting to feel worthy. She looked at herself one day and looked past her physical reflection and felt her whole package is beautiful. 

[44:41]: The pandemic helped Josee appreciate her body further. She stresses how important language is to feel this way. It’s one step at a time. 

[46:26]: Weight loss is creating a better relationship with yourself. It’s not for anyone else. 

[47:05]: Stop talking shit about other people’s bodies. Don’t comment on anyone’s bodies or the clothing they wear. 

[48:30]: Josee and Alicia show up on social media as their authentic selves. Josee shares a story about seeing a surgeon to fix the loose skin on her legs. 

[49:49]: Alicia shares her own surgery story considering having skin removal on her stomach. 

[50:44]: I did a previous podcast on body image, ‘Loving your today body’. 

[52:18]: Everyone deserves to feel good in their skin. You should be losing weight out of love for yourself. 

[53:15]: Alicia talks about loving yourself enough to change. Stop hating yourself. 

[55:51]: Alicia discusses how our bodies are not meant to carry around a lot of extra fat. She talks about how every single aspect of her life was impacted by her weight. 

[58:32]: Josee talks about the self-awareness I have regarding my belly. She encourages changing the language around how I think about myself. 

[1:00:50]: If you’ve only known diets your whole life and felt deprived and hungry – you wouldn’t want a weight loss program. BUT know that you can coexist with losing weight. You don’t have to let go of everything that brings you happiness. 

[1:01:56]: Josee talks about the story Alicia shared on their podcast. She would participate in activities in a body she wasn’t comfortable in. 

[1:04:32]: I was on Josee and Alicia’s podcast talking about needing help owning my body. We live in a society of not wanting to experience any uncomfortableness and wanting results immediately. It’s not going to be easy. 

[1:06:22]: The diet industry is just selling you what you want to hear. 

[1:08:08]: YWWL’s approach is different. The community is their favourite part of their program. 

[1:10:11]: Check out my previous podcast – What are you going to do differently? You can reverse engineer the person you want to be. 

[1:11:10]: You can’t truly know where you’re going if you don’t know who you are today. Have a conversation about who you are today and own it. 

[1:12:43]: If you start a weight loss journey, imagine how freeing it is to start without focusing on how much weight you have to lose. 

[1:13:53]: Live your life for a week and be truly present. Take notes of moments that fill your bucket. Then look at people externally that inspire you and note down why they inspire you.

[1:18:35]: Write everything in a No Shame Diary. Society needs to increase its self-awareness. 

[1:21:12]: Alicia shares how she was afraid of her own thoughts. She would keep herself busy so she didn’t have to think. To correct this, she created time in her day to walk, reflect and build her self-awareness. 

[1:22:43]: Alicia never considered not being confident. She was always confident with who she was, even if she wasn’t in her body. Small wins created her confidence. 

[1:23:54]: Josee just shows up without notes and does a lot of reflecting by talking. She doesn’t write her feelings, she’ll say everything out loud. 

[1:26:34]: People don’t talk enough. They need to get it out and move on. 

[1:27:19]: Josee talks about how confidence comes from experience. Josee has such great self-awareness she can show up in confidence because she knows her shit. When you don’t know who you are and show up in a fake way, you can’t show up in confidence. 

[1:30:43]: Imagine if you knew yourself so deeply that you know what makes you truly happy. 

[1:31:14]: If any of this made a connection with you, contact us on Instagram. I believe that what they’re doing is life-changing.

[1:32:25]: Where to find YWWL. 

[1:33:43]: When you join YWWL you will get immediate access to their Facebook community. Alicia explains the course and all of the content you will have access to. 

[1:36:33]: Having access to humans 24/7 is an amazing resource that helps everyone. 

[1:37:41]: YWWL is for everyone. You could want to work on self-awareness, happiness, positivity, or weight loss. It’s all combined together. 

[1:39:20]: YWWL is running a ‘Choose Happy’ event. Depending on your timezone it’ll be on a different day. When you purchase your ticket you will have access to it for 2 weeks after the event.


Click here for the coupon code for the ‘Choose Your Happy’ Event. 

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