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My Journey – Becoming a transgender man with Riley Kelso

Today is a very, very special episode. As you know, I like to share the stories of my students in the Sistahood. Well, this particular student is going through quite a remarkable journey and was eager to share it with you all.

Riley started his journey as a woman, and is now going through the experience of transitioning into a transgender man. He joined the Sistahood and has been doing such incredible work on himself. I’ve found him to be so inspiring, so honest and so willing to be vulnerable. His journey has been difficult and I want to acknowledge him for really doing the work and seeing the results.

As you’ll hear Riley speak about, since joining the Sistahood he has experienced a community connection and safe space to be able to share his feelings, develop self confidence and drastically improve his self confidence.

I am so honoured and excited to be sharing this very special conversation with you today.

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