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My journey with spirituality

If you’ve been following me for awhile and know my story, you’ll know that my childhood was hectic and through this time I really rejected spirituality and religion for many reasons that I go into during this episode. I didn’t believe in anything. I thought religion was terrible. I wasn’t spiritual and life was just full on all of the time. I was always fighting, always angry and always cautious of anything spiritual.

Then I met Hamish. Now anyone who knows my husband or follows him on social media will know he’s a spiritual guy. He does shamanic work, he grew up in a very Catholic household and Hamish has always been intrigued by different religions and has studied many of them. When I met him, he started to break down some of these blocks I had around spirituality and what I’d made it mean to me up until that point.

In this episode today I walk you through my journey with spirituality and where I have landed today with it all.

Some of the books that helped me with my spiritual journey:

Wayne Dyer – Theres a Spiritual Solution to Every Problem

Wayne Dyer – Change your thoughts change your life

Deepak Chopra – The Book of Secrets

Deepak Chopra – 7 Spiritual Laws of Success

Joe Dispenza – The Placebo Affect

Movies:What the bleep do we know – Down the Rabbit hole –

The Shift – Wayne Dyer

Thrive – Youtube

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