Not sure where to start working on yourself?

So you know you’ve got some areas in your life that you need to deal with? (Don’t we all!)

But are you feeling overwhelmed just thinking about it?

I have a lot of women tell me they don’t know where to start when doing the work. 

It’s all too terrifying to face and they’re worried about what they may find buried beneath the surface.

But what happens if you decide NOT to start the inner work?

A lot happens.

Because if you don’t face the things that mess with you head on or deal with the issues that are causing you pain, unhappiness or anxiety, they will keep happening…

Over and over again. 

The trick is to tackle the biggest problem first. 

In my latest episode of the podcast, I talk about how I look at my life from a bigger picture and  work on the big stuff first.

I talk about making time to be with yourself, asking questions and being okay to sit with uncomfortable feelings and have difficult conversations. 

If you don’t have the kind of life you want right now, my love it is your responsibility to change it.

We all have something to work on. 

So what’s your biggest thing?


[1:00]: Lockdown is happening again but I’m choosing to make the most of it

[4:20]: Shout out to Nicole who messaged me about the impact this podcast is having on her life. I’m so grateful.

[6:30]: Everyone has something to work on. Commit to a growth mindset and don’t wait until shit hits the fan. 

[8:15]: If you don’t deal with your shit, your shit will deal with you. Your life will reflect the results but if you take the reins, you get to choose how it ends.

[10:15]: A lot of people join the Sistahood and go ghost because they’re overwhelmed with what they find. 

[10:55]: Find the knots in your life. If you put a fine tooth comb in your life, where do you find the knot?

[12:00]: In 2020 my knot was in my body and my health

[13:00]: Pretty please leave a review for my podcast

[14:30]: How when I combed through my life, the knots unravelled and I discovered other things that were sitting underneath. 

[15:50]: Get quiet. Give yourself time to be with yourself and ask questions

[17:00]: People often go to the future and freak out about what will happen. Stay in the moment. 

[18:30]: As you uncover things, instead of blaming other people, take responsibility for what part you played. 

[19:30]: Have an uncomfortable conversation. Don’t think about the negative scenarios 

[21:15]: You might discover that you’re not happy. What are you doing that’s not serving you? Maybe you need to invest in working on yourself. 

[23:00]: You have to do the work. You’re not going to have the life you desire without doing the hard yards.

[25:15]: I am constantly working on myself. My life isn’t fun and fancy. I spend my time and money on uplevelling myself. 

[26:50]: The main areas you can comb through: love, family, money, career, body, health/wellness, hobbies and interest, spirituality

[27:55]: When you find the big knot you want to work through, it will start shifting and making space for the next area to work itself. We don’t work on everything at the same time.

[29:15]: Find someone to work with. We owe it to ourselves and our children to grow and evolve. 

[30:50]: Work with me in the 2021 Sistahood program!

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