Parenting As A High Achiever with Hamish Cramer

Being a high achiever is HARD – but you know what’s even harder? Being a PARENT as a high achiever.

When you’re juggling a business, your career, a social life, relationships, personal goals AND kids – it’s a lot.

And social media doesn’t help. There are so many ‘experts’ telling you how the perfect morning routine will legitimately change your life – except that morning routine involves eating food uninterrupted, journaling for two hours and you’re over here barely managing to get your kids dressed for school and eating leftovers for breakfast LET ALONE be on time for your damn meeting.

Hamish is back on the podcast with me today as we talk all about OUR struggles with parenting as high achievers and share some things that have changed the game for us.

In this episode you’ll hear:

  • The FOUR KEY areas that we focus on to make sure we remain deeply CONNECTED in our relationship and as parents
  • The ONE thing we are prioritizing in 2023 and WHY!
  • What a REAL morning ritual looks like

… and so much more!


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