Playing Big in Your Biz with Jazze Jervis

Ladies, if you’ve ever been curious about being in aligmement when starting your own coaching business, today’s episode is for YOU! 

Today I talk to Jazze Jervis, who mentors women to six and seven figure success through strategy, mindset, energetics. 

The core of her work is mentoring the whole woman, with an emphasis on self exploration and connection back to our truth, our values, our desires, and what really drives us in life. 

Jazze shares how she got her start as a mentor, how coaching has evolved over the course of her career (and how she’s evolved with it), the pitfalls of living in an on demand, instant gratification world, how to get a coaching business going, and why she’s redefined the word “failure.”

Jazze is a corporate lawyer turned 7-figure business coach and network marketing mentor, top podcast host, ironwoman athlete, ex-competitive basketballer and THE hype girl for female entrepreneurs leaving their stories at the door and claiming their badass dream life.

It’s her mission to support high-achieving female entrepreneurs on their mission to lead with impact, value and strategy while creating generational wealth for their families. She believes we are here to play BIG, take up SPACE and not be confined by the boxes society can put us in.

She’s here to empower the hell out of more women so they can lead lives they not only desire but wholeheartedly deserve.




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