Property Before Prada – get your priorities right with Katherine Persoglia

Those of you who know my story know that I’m a no bullshit kinda girl. I hustled to build my business up from nothing and now with my business going gangbusters, I still don’t waste money on shit that doesn’t matter. I believe we should be focusing on investing into the future, into something that gives us something back in return.

That’s one of the reasons why I was so excited to chat with my guest today. Katherine Persoglia is a no nonsense mortgage broker, owner of Property Before Prada and she’s forging a path in the financial industry, helping women become confident, independent and reclaim their power through finances. This woman speaks my language!

In this episode, Katherine shares about what she does and how she works with women of all ages and demographics to teach them how to have financial freedom. We talk about why we need to be investing, getting your priorities straight to set yourself up financially before you go ahead and buy those Prada shoes. There’s nothing wrong with Prada… just get yourself an investment first girl!

Katherine is the real deal and we need more women like her in the world. She takes her job seriously and her drive for helping women move forward in their lives is so inspiring. We talk about kids and teaching them how to be smart with money, about the age of Instagram and how we need to stop comparing ourselves. It’s amazing how the self worth conversation is wrapped up in it all.

I could chat with Katherine for hours, you guys. We talk about why so many women hold back from investing, the mentality we carry that it’s too hard or out of reach and how so many women in their 50’s are financially illiterate. The good news is, it doesn’t have to stay that way. You can reclaim your financial freedom. Be inspired my love.


[3:15]: How the brand represents Katherine and what she stands for. She bought her first home at 19 and became a mortgage broker at 24, even though it wasn’t the path she thought she would take. 

[5:00]: How Katherine felt that she could offer women of all demographics support and guidance to help them be confident and financially independent

[6:30]: It’s about your priorities. Get yourself set up first and then buy the big brands

[7:50]: Instagram adds extra pressure. Katherine didn’t care about other people or keeping up appearances but now people are comparing themselves to what they see online.

[9:10]: How the love for property was ingrained in Katherine, growing up with parents who renovated for profit on a small scale

[12:00]: When Katherine first launched her own business, how she always felt confident and wanted to share the fuck ups with other women to help them avoid the same mistakes

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[17:20]: The biggest thing is that women don’t know where to start but it’s about breaking things down to bite size pieces to help form a plan of attack

[19:50]: The starting point is always to understand the numbers: How much you can borrow, maximum purchase price, how much savings you need & monthly repayments

[22:00]: It’s a hot market at the moment because there are double the people looking with more savings, government grants and less stock available

[25:30]: How business owners never stop and how when you have a team, everybody needs to be on the same page

[27:20]: How Katherine doesn’t keep secrets and wants to make sure her brokers have the best tools to carry out the best job for their clients.

[28:50]: Katherine’s supportive husband and the challenge of teaching kids to work for their money

[35:00]: The different events Katherine runs, some being more intimate with like minded women and others to provide education

[36:30]: How a lot of women over 50 are financially illiterate because they never had anything to do with the money. Katherine is passionate about helping educate these women to get them financially independent 

[39:00]: The past is the past, but how are you going to act now? Many women need help to get back up again but when there’s a safe place, there’s no need to be embarrassed 

[42:50]: How Katherine speaks to clients 1 on 1 and taking the first step can make all the difference to help people along the way

[44:20]: How Katherine has created a safe place by talking about her own mistakes

[45:00]: How a lot of young women don’t think it’s necessary to create financial assets and older women are ashamed of having to start all over again 

[46:30]: How the self worth conversation is wrapped up in the conversation of finances

[47:20]: Living beyond your means doesn’t bring happiness. Concentrate on you, don’t compare yourself with other people and invest in assets that will grow

[49:30]: What’s coming up for Katherine. A podcast coming soon, International Women’s Day event and opening a new office

[51:30]: Where to find Katherine

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