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Rape and Restorative Justice with Marlee Liss

My friends, I am extremely excited to present my guest for today, Marlee Liss. This has been one of my most favourite episodes I’ve done as an interview so far. I cried many times and I feel the message that Marlee has to share is such an important one.

Marlee has an absolutely extraordinary story. She was sexually assaulted when she was 21 years old and the court proceedings that followed actually concluded in restorative justice. Basically this is where the focus is on repair rather than punishment and it is not something you hear about very often. In fact, Marlee’s case was the first in North America to resolve in restorative justice. I found this conversation to be truly inspiring and resonated with me on so many levels.

Marlee now helps women claim sacred sensuality so they can live in self-love and inner wholeness. As a women’s embodied love coach, author and retreat facilitator, she has worked internationally to inspire transformative healing. Marlee’s work is deeply shaped by her background in social work, trauma-informed yoga, somatic sex education, and body image facilitation.

Learn more about Marlee here:

Re-humanize Movement


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