Listen to your motherhood intuition

This one is for all the mammas out there and the mammas to be. Even if you don’t have children, you’re going to get something out of this episode because it’s all about tuning in to your own voice and following your intuition. 

I go into some detail about a recent situation with my son at child care and the interactions we had that told me something was really off. I talk about how I made the call to pull him out and why I’m so fierce about listening to my gut and the sensitivity of my child.

Trusting your intuition can only happen if you have confidence in yourself first. We need to lean in to our inner voice and be guided by our woman’s intuition because there are so many powerful messages for us to hear.

I’m sure a lot of mother’s out there will resonate with my message here. Trust yourself.


[2:30]: How my eldest child, Raven, adapted to child care really well but my youngest, Nava, struggled with attachment and struggled in child care.

[4:40]: When a worker said that Nava was making her sad and I corrected her because we all get to choose our feelings

[6:25]: How Raven was asked to dim himself by not doing gymnastics because the other kids couldn’t do it. But we spoke to the director to say he needed to shine if that’s what he was good at.

[8:15]: When something came up, we said what we felt in a kind way but didn’t hold back.

[9:20]: The previous director held the culture of the place and was beautiful but went on maternity leave and the new staff had a completely different vibe 

[11:25]: Nava started crying not wanting to go and the educator had an energy that none of us liked. Tune into your intuition because there are messages you need to hear.

[13:00]: How the educator told Nava that he couldn’t go home if he didn’t pick up his toys

[15:30]: Most parents use threats but it was strange for an educator to do that and we didn’t like it at all 

[17:30]: How threats can traumatise children and I sent an email but the director’s reply wasn’t apologetic at all

[19:20]: When I spoke to the director and she said she was disappointed in my email! They took no responsibility and I chose to pull Nava out.

[22:55]: If I didn’t listen to my motherhood intuition, I wouldn’t be speaking out when there could be a real problem that would affect other people 

[24:30]: Trust your intuition. You can’t do that if you don’t have confidence in yourself

[27:00]: Tune into your own voice, your own self confidence and your woman intuition.

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