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Sex and Body Image – Q&A Tuesday

I received a great question via my website for our Q&A today ladies! The question was this:

How to not let your own insecurities about your body interfere with your sex life with your partner when they have a better physique than you do. How do you not let your feelings of low self-esteem or low self-worth cock-block you from having the intimate relationship that you want to have?

I did a podcast on this topic a little while ago “Why You Need To Love Your Body TODAY” so first of all, go and listen to that episode after this one.

When we don’t feel comfortable in our own bodies, we lack confidence in our own body, you better believe we show up in the world like that. We wear the baggy clothes, we hide ourselves away and we don’t own the body that we currently have. We don’t talk to our partners about it either. We just assume that they don’t want to have sex with us, they don’t want to be intimate with us, but where is that coming from? That’s your own dialogue my love.

Accepting what is, that’s hard as fuck I know. I’ve been there. It’s a journey and it takes time, but I hope this Q&A helps you think about your body and your sex life differently.

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