stop saying one day

Stop Saying One Day ✋🏽

Are you putting yourself on hold?

Have you been procrastinating on your dreams, your big goals, that thing you keep on telling yourself you’ll get around to ‘one day’?

Do you begin to make a plan and then say ‘I don’t have the time’? I always hear people say ‘Well you’ve got as many hours in your day as Beyonce’ and yes, we all do have the same hours in our day as Beyonce BUT what resources does she have? What has she sacrificed? What CHOICE did she or any of the other women who HAVE WHAT YOU WANT make?

It’s easy to keep saying one day, and I used to say this too … until I made the CHOICE, until I made the DECISION to go after what I wanted in life. To make my vision, my dreams a reality.
I stopped saying to myself ‘one day’ and I made it happen.
And you can too.

In this ep I break down:

  • Why most people DON’T get what they want
  • What it takes to achieve YOUR goals in life and in business
  • How to get out of your own way and start making it happen!!!

… and so much more

Listen to The 5 C’s (My first podcast):

Are you ready to stop saying ONE DAY and get the help you need to take aligned ACTION to create the life YOU know you’re worthy of having? Join us in the Sistahood