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Tapping into your authentic power with Lina Escamilla

Today I have a very special guest. She is not only a dear friend but is a boss woman with so many skills it is ridiculous, Lina Escamilla. Lina lives in South America and is a business coach with an incredible story of resilience and tapping into her authentic power. We met on a business summit that Lina was hosting and there was an instant connection. Lina pours her heart and soul into everything she does. She emphasises the importance of adding value AHEAD of time which y’all know I talk about all the time.

I learned things about Lina during this conversation that made me love her even more. From the literal Cinderella story Lina has turned her trauma into triumph in so many ways. She has created a thriving business for herself, is the queen of collaboration and is such a heart-centred human being.

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