The #1 Killer of Confidence

What you believe about yourself is everything. It shapes how you think, it shapes what you do, it shapes what you believe about the world and the people around you. 

So what do you think your life is going to be like if you believe you can’t do it, that you’re not good enough, that you’re not worthy or strong enough or smart enough? You will be those things. So if you want to absolutely murder confidence, all you need to do is believe you can’t be fonfident. 

This episode is all about quieting the mind and tuning in to the inner voice to find out what you truly, deeply believe. Somewhere deep inside, we all have a knowing that we are greater than what we look like, what we do and what labels we put on ourselves. That small inner voice says you CAN do it, that you are capable of anything your heart desires. It’s time to turn up the inner voice and turn down the inner critic. 

It’s time to choose what you will believe. Because you get to decide whatever you believe about yourself. YOU get to create whatever the fuck you want.


[0:45]: How I’m on the cusp of launching Scale Squad and how we’re doing it with ease, making sure that we are valuing health and wellness.

[2:50]: How confidence isn’t about what you do or look like but it all comes down to self belief

[4:10]: The killer is that you don’t believe that you will be confident

[5:15]: Women will change the world, but they have to believe they can. So many women are waiting for others to validate them

[6:30]: Do you deeply have a belief that you can do whatever it is that you want?

[7:20]: The inner voice believes you can do it but it’s so quiet so we often don’t listen. It’s the thing driving you and makes you worried and anxious because you care

[8:30]: How you’re fighting against yourself because there’s your inner voice and your inner critic but you can change it because it’s on you

[9:45]: When you don’t believe that you can be confident, you don’t try and it’s a self fulfilling prophecy

[11:00]: How you talk about yourself is everything 

[12:20]: How we’re all up in the head but we need to take care of the body because when you go deep internally, you discover that you are greater than any label the world gives you or you give yourself

[14:00]: Whatever you believe in, you are greater than you. And when you don’t think you’re worthy, you rip off your creator. You are worthy just because you have air in your lungs.

[15:00]: Listen closely to the deep inner knowing that everybody has. You’re not going to hear it if you’re focussed on the outer or listening to the inner critic. 

[16:00]: Don’t focus on what you don’t want because that’s easy because you just numb out. Work for what you really want and go quiet.

[17:15]: Once you start going quiet, it’s harder to not go quiet. Take deep breaths and listen to what comes. 

[18:20]: The only thing that has power over you is what you believe. Choose what you believe on purpose for every single thing in your life. 

[20:00]: I’m living the life of my dreams now but where I came from was a nightmare. This is where the Sistahood was birthed. 

[21:30]: What if believing in yourself was your new way of living? Make up a new belief. 

[22:30]: I had to work really hard to get to where I am but I’m grateful for that

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