The 1st Step I Took to Change My Life

Wanting to change your life, is a HUGE thing.

It can feel so overwhelming even saying “changing my life” – like, that is some big work sister.

However I want to break down in this episode HOW I actually started to do this.

Nothing happens overnight and there are no secret “hacks” to lasting and important changes, yet there are steps you can take early on to start your inner journey.

I recently ran my Creating Confidence Masterclass (live in Melbourne and virtually via live stream) and I shared in depth with the ladies who attended, the STEPS to creating more confidence and changing your life for the better.

I was super powerful so much so that I wanted to share one of the lessons with you here on the podcast.


You can build self confidence, worthiness, self love, you can create powerful boundaries, you can learn to speak up, show up and share your voice. You can say no, you can become a courageously brave QUEEN.

You just have to CHOOSE it. And in this episode I breakdown the first steps I took to start.


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