The Ass Kicking You Need

It’s my son’s 4th birthday! I want to share this day with you because I’ve been reflecting back on the years since his birth. A LOT has changed. 

People see the success of where I am now but I want to tell you what life was like for me back then.

Three and a half years ago we were broke. 

When I say broke, I mean absolutely BROKE! 

My husband’s gym business struggled through Christmas every year and we were scrounging for coins in the car to buy bread. 

Fast forward to now, a whopping five thousand women have come through our programs from 45 countries. The podcast has almost 1.3 million downloads and I record every episode from my car.

So what happened in between? I realised my own truth and power. 

In my heart I knew I was not here to mess around, to be miserable in my workplace, to play small or to have a mediocre life. When I truly accepted this, everything changed. 

I started my own coaching business and worked my ass off to build it up to where it is now. 

Sometimes you have to be pushed to the absolute edge before you wake up and do something. 

I’m not saying I don’t still have self doubt and fear. Of course I do! I just don’t let it run my life or hold me back. 

So on this birthday celebration day, I’m honouring my own journey since my son’s birth and the amazing life and business we have built. And I want you to do the same. 

Don’t let your own limiting beliefs stop you. 

The woman who believes she CAN will change the world (and make money while doing it!)

Topics discussed and where to find them:

[0:37]: Happy birthday to my 4 year old. People only see the success of where I’m at now. 3 and a half years ago we were broke. 

[1:49]: I shared an old video today that made me emotional because I remember the old Erika. 

[2:54]: I’m a chick from Boston who had no money, food stamps, grew up with lots of trauma, didn’t go to college, and had debt. I built this me and this life. 

[4:07]: Women, especially women of colour, deserve to make money. What are you waiting for? If you have something you want to do, go and do it.  

[6:37]: I wanted a homebirth for my first birth. I ended up going to the hospital, was fighting the system and felt like I was at war. My second birth I wanted a homebirth but I did the work and had my team at hand. From this birth another part of me was born. 

[8:32]: In my heart I knew I didn’t come here to mess around, to have a mediocre life, to do work that I hate, to be miserable in my workplace, to play small or to live a life I don’t love. The day you realise this, everything changes. 

[9:41]: Don’t be a victim to your life. You are the only one that can stop you. 

[11:05]: You get to do whatever you want to do. Don’t think you’re held back by external restrictions. 

[12:26]: The woman who believes she can, will change the world. 

[12:53]: I want to be an example to show you, you don’t have to come from money, or be educated, or come from a cushy life. I built my life. I doubt myself everyday but I don’t let it stop me. 

[14:28]: I will not be a victim or a statistic to my circumstances. 

[15:12]: Mothers, don’t just celebrate your kids’ birthdays – celebrate you!


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