The Best and Worst Week of My Life

THIS episode right here is the reason you shouldn’t compare yourself to others. 

So much of what I do at The Queen of Confidence centers around sharing the stories of confidence, the epic wins and helping other women feel empowered to do the same. 

Who doesn’t want to shout it from the rooftops when things are going right for us?! 

But I also believe it’s important to talk about it when things aren’t going well. 

So in this episode, I’m sharing a big win – being nominated for seven prestigious business awards – that happened while dealing with a tremendous low: my mother being hospitalized for a serious mental health episode. 

Today I’m talking about why it’s never worthwhile to compare yourself to another person’s success, because that duality is present for everybody, regardless of the perfect snapshots that end up on social media. 

I’m also sharing the tools and lessons I learned as someone who’s used to dealing with these crazy highs and crazy lows – in the hopes that they’ll inspire you no matter which place you’re in: on top of the world, or struggling to pull yourself back up. 



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