The Best Of The Best! – Special 100th Episode

Hey my loves! It’s been a busy ass few weeks let me tell you right now. While I catch my breath and get my shit organised, I’m sharing a few of my favourite IGTV rants with you. So first up is this. I can’t understand how you ladies who are trying to sell something, create a business, blog, whatever you’re passionate about, are not getting your faces on Instagram. It is so important that you do it, and keep it real as fuck. People buy you. Your brand is YOU. The less perfect you are, the more you will connect and the more confidence you will create for yourself.

I cannot believe this our 100th episode! It’s time to celebrate. This podcast started in October 2018 because I wanted to have a place where I could be of service to women all over the world.  I am so freaking excited that you have been so loving and supportive. 

This 100th episode is a “best of” special. We took all the popular episodes and did a mash up! 

These episodes are the ones YOU the listener listener to the most, commented and emailed me about. If you’re new here this is a perfect episode to listen to as it will give you some popular ones to go back and binge. 

I love you I honour you I acknowledge you for being here and letting this information transform your life ????

Episodes we mention:

  1. How to be more confident- the 5 Cs
  2. The sneaky way your EGO is fucking with you
  3. How to deal with “Hater”s and critics
  4. People don’t trigger you, you get triggered. IGTV Rant
  5. You’ve changed
  6. Life Lessons Series #4: Losing my husband
  7. Taking radical responsibility for where you’re at
  8. Numbing out of motherhood with alcohol
  9. I am not good enough compared to

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