The Biggest Realisation I’ve Ever Had – IGTV

I’m in a huge lesson at the moment and I don’t have an answer for you. This episode is for me as much as it’s for you.

Recently I’ve come to the realisation that I absolutely do not value rest. In my life, there has been no evidence that rest has been the answer to anything. All through my childhood, I had to work hard to get anything. I had to hustle. I had to bust my ass to get what I needed, and I’ve taken this mentality into adulthood.

So I worked incredibly hard to achieve all the things that I’ve been able to achieve and this hustle was necessary. We were not in a great position when I started my business. I needed to work hard.

But now I don’t need to work so hard, and also I’m realising it’s not sustainable.

My life is so beautiful and I am so fortunate. I just need to remind myself of this more often and take restorative rest.

Appreciate where you are right now and take away from it what you can.

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