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The damage caused by trying to “do good” with Leigh Mathews

There is a lot to unpack on today’s episode y’all. I had the pleasure of being interviewed on Leigh Mathew’s podcast “The Good Problem” a couple of months ago, and she was asking me questions that I’d never really been asked before around doing good, and what that really meant. It was a really interesting conversation, and the more I’ve learned about Leigh, the more my eyes have been opened to the incredible work that she is doing in the world.

This is a woman on fire with a purpose and I’m so pleased to bring her onto the podcast today. We go pretty deep into a lot of topics, but I really want you to take away from this episode a curiosity to dive deeper into the good you’re wanting to do in the world. When you’re looking to support a charity or an organisation, really do your research to understand whether the impact you’re trying to make will actually be achieved. There are so many organisations out there that have the best of intentions that are actually doing more harm than good. Shocking I know, and when I first heard that from Leigh I couldn’t see how that could be, but it is very much the case.

I hope you enjoy!

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