The Gift in Your Pain

Do you spend much time thinking about your past and your pain? Do you wonder why you went through those experiences?

Or do you actively try to control, alt, delete those experiences?

In today’s episode, I want to invite you to mine the gold in your difficulties.

To find the gifts in your pain and struggles.

When we do this we are able to fully heal and extract the incredible life lessons we’ve experienced from the toughest of circumstances.

And each and every one of us has them.

No matter how big or small, the adversities you’ve faced have amazing gifts in them.

I know that it’s hard, scary, and uncomfortable to sit in your painful experiences…

And these lessons are unfortunately missed when we don’t claim them.

I invite you in this episode to really look at all the gifts that your pain brings, who have you become BECAUSE of it?

How has that difficulty made you who you are today?  What lessons have you learned because of those tough times?

You already lived it – might as well get the reward from it, Queen.

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Topics discussed and where to find them: 

00:42 – Sistahood Coaching Program 

03:09 – The Way You See Your Pain

03:40 – What Happens in Your Personal Life Shows Up In Everything

04:25 – Going Into That Pain to Find the Gift

05:28 – Horrible Things Happened that Awakened Something Great in You

07:12 – One a Problem Has Been Identified, Do Something About It

08:11 – When You Don’t Deal With Your Sh*t, Your Sh*t Will Deal With You

09:05 – You are Creating and Setting the Path

10:47 – The Power of Group Coaching

13:12 – The Sh*t That Didn’t Happen for Nothing

14:08 – Being a Voice that Speaks

15:43 – Allowing and Respecting Your Space at the Retreat

16:36 – Finding Lessons and Pleasure From the Pain

18:13 – Nothing Happened for Nothing 

19:35 – No One Becomes Strong and Resilient Without Difficulties and Adversities

22:06 – Another Way That You Can See Your Pain

22:50 – Get Healed to Live the Life that You F*cking Want 


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