The homebirth that started a movement

The Homebirth that started a Movement 👑

Is there anything you’ve been wanting to do that you keep putting off?

Maybe you’ve thought about doing it but the self doubt takes over and you put your dreams on the back burner once again?

Maybe you’ve been waiting for the “perfect” time to go for your dreams?

In today’s episode I want to share a pivotal moment with you that completely changed my life (and the life of millions of women around the world)

This week my youngest child is about to turn five and everything you see in my world right now, this business, the podcast, the movement that is The Queen of Confidence – all of that was born when my son Navah was born.

In a time where I was nursing a newborn and struggling to brush my teeth, I was building my Fempire…

This episode is here to tell you that YOU and me and every single woman in the world can do hard things 👏🏽and if you want something there is NOTHING standing in your way and I’m going to tell you why.

Throughout the ep, I dive into:

  • How this birth completely transformed me and my business
  • Going all in when I couldn’t even pay my electricity
  • The things I had to let go of to step into this new version of myself

… and so much more


Are you ready to put YOURSELF first and step into creating the life YOU know you’re worthy of having? Join us in the Sistahood

DOORS ARE ABOUT TO CLOSE! Do not miss this opportunity, Queen.