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The Making Of Madhavi: One of India’s most influential women

My love, I have a very special guest for you on the podcast today, Madhavi Shankar. I found her when I was looking through Ted Talks and came across a really interesting talk that she gave around gender bias and women’s empowerment. Y’all know I’m all about the women’s empowerment and I felt called to have Madhavi on the podcast to share her story. Madhavi is the real deal. She is the CEO and founder of Space Basic which is a networking app for student housing communities. She was voted as one of the top 60 women transforming India by the government of India as well as the United Nations.

The thing that I loved about this conversation is hearing Madhavi talk about her upbringing and how supported she was by her parents to follow her dreams. Madhavi really hasn’t struggled with self-doubt either. She found herself a really great female mentor who she could bounce ideas off of, and her family has been behind her through her journey.

So this episode is especially for those of you out there that come from a culture where perhaps your gender predetermines what you can and can’t do. You may feel trapped sometimes, or feel as if you cannot break tradition. Madhavi is proof that you can break the mould and do what you feel called to do.

Where to Find Madhavi:
Instagram: @MadhaviShankar @SpaceBasicApp
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Space Basic:
Space Basic Facebook:

Twitter: @Madhavi_Shankar@SpaceBasicApp

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