The New Hustle with Emma Issacs

Are you worn out? 

As women in business, we work non stop. We hustle to get all the things done.

There’s a thrill that comes along with being in that energy, but it’s also not GOOD for us. 

We need to get off the treadmill and find the space to breathe, to go within and find another way of being so that we can really make the impact we want to make without burning out.

That’s exactly what I’m talking about today with my incredible soul sista, Emma Isaacs.

Emma is the Global CEO of Business Chicks, a mother of six, best selling author and I’m honoured to share this conversation with you as we talk about her amazing new book, The New Hustle.

This book has become a bible for me and my team as we go through Emma’s 77 anti-rules to move away from the old hustle and step into a way of working that is flexible, intentional and in flow. 

Emma has been one of the biggest expanders for me in my life. She is an incredible human and a woman I look up to so much. A leader, mentor and example to many, Emma is showing us all what’s possible and that the old hustle is gone for good. 

You’re going to love it.

Topics discussed and where to find them:

[4:30]: Emma talks about why she wrote The New Hustle and how it was inspired by her own recalibration over the last 18 months. It’s about taking the downtime as an opportunity to reimagine what’s possible, find what’s really important and make big decisions from there.

[7:30]: The power of rest and how it can be hard work to make it part of our lives. Emma is now meditating every day and hitting a new level of intention. 

[9:00]: Often it takes a crisis to get us to wake up. This time has forced us to go within to face the things we’ve been avoiding. The old hustle meant we were constantly on the run. 

[11:20]: Emma loves to be able to create on the fly. Pre-pandemic, things were slower to move in the business because of the hoops to go through but when Covid hit, she was exhilarated to get back to creating in the moment and getting her team to unlearn everything. 

[15:15]: Emma talks about how they coped with the pandemic and moved to online events really quickly, even though they didn’t have the tech ready. You can’t always have everything ready to go, you have to pull the trigger before you’re ready. 

[17:00]: Emma is leading the way by showing us what’s possible, being flexible to create in uncertainty and how her team is so incredible. 

[21:00]: When we are seen in our power, we become an example for others.

[22:45]: The old way of hustling measured input, how much you’ve worked, but the new hustle is all about the output and it doesn’t matter how they get there. 

[23:50]: We do have choices even when we feel completely powerless. It’s about having self-awareness and courage to say it’s not working and to go within to find another way. 

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[27:10]: We can’t control our external world and must come into the internal world to feel free in your mind

[28:45]: Emma’s anti-rule #8 from her book: Know when 80% is enough. Emma used to want everything perfect but we don’t have to strive for perfection and it’s something she has really sunk into in business and motherhood

[32:30]: The small stuff fades away when you become a part of something bigger. Get out of the small thinking by coming back to stillness and what’s important to you. Comparison can be really crippling 

[36:00]: Emma talks about some of her friends and mentors she looks up to, including Liz Gilbert and Richard Branson

[40:40]: We talk about being self driven and how a lot of people say they want to do things for their kids but I want to do it for me.    

[42:00]: Emma talks about where her self drive comes from and how a big part of it is to be a role model for other people

[46:50]: Own your mistakes means being vulnerable, taking responsibility and quickly taking ownership. 

[50:00]: The book writing process is really hard and vulnerable. Emma wrote every word and worked with a structural editor and her books are really easy to read. 

[53:20]: Emma talks about confidence and how she has practised putting herself in situations where she felt out of her depth and doing it over and over. 

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